A conference is an excellent place to meet people with shared interests and share ideas. Planning of an event of this magnitude requires much time and insight. Preorganization is a demanding task, and for this reason, you need a professional approach.

If you are the organizer and you are looking for a suitable conference room - you have found the right place! La Bădiş restaurant has isolated spaces to offer you a quiet atmosphere, planned fourchette and specially arranged area with all the necessary equipment - details that will ensure a smooth conducting of the conference.

In addition to the space dedicated to interacting and networking, you will need snacks and drinks for lunch breaks. But you don't have to worry; our administration will also be responsible for the fitting out. La Bădiş restaurant offers more than just a place to the participants, but rather a refreshing escape in an environment favorable for study and interaction.

Why should you organize your conference at La Bădiș?

Conference room

Necessary equipment


The meal break is much more enjoyable

Space for networking

Creating long-term relationships

Green area

Combines business with leisure


Your perfect partner for organizing an impeccable event

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