We're always happy to help our guests organize an important event from their lives, either if it's weddings, christening parties, birthday parties or conferences and business meetings.


A wedding is a unique event and needs a particular approach and a fairy-tale aura. The delicate white dress, the perfect costume, the pleasant traditional music, the delectable cuisine, all in the ideal wedding place, where you will feel the comfort, spirit, and euphoria of the event. La Bădiş fulfills all the requirements of a couple looking for happiness, by providing space for fun, a select menu, and exquisite decor.


A conference is an excellent place to meet people with shared interests and share ideas. Planning of an event of this magnitude requires much time and insight. Preorganization is a demanding task, and for this reason, you need a professional approach. La Bădiş restaurant offers more than just a place to the participants, but rather a refreshing escape in an environment favorable for study and interaction.

Christening Parties

Organizing a memorable event is challenging, especially when your baby needs your full attention. La Bădiş restaurant is the perfect ally for making a perfect gathering. We deal with all the essential details. We know that the smallest details matter, and you want everything to be flawless. That's why our restaurant's administration is responsive to your needs and is pretty flexible, considering all your requirements.

Business Meetings

La Bădiş restaurant has a comfortable location in nature, away from the crowded city, and has some specially designed spaces for your business meetings. Because any discussion is better when accompanied by a delicious meal, you will be able to enjoy a traditional Moldavian menu with old recipes in an improved formula, that will refine the conversation, adding a whole spectrum of positive emotions.


Traditional Moldavian dishes to delight the guests, a beautiful playground for children, an alley for pleasant walks and picturesque sights - all add magic and splendor to your celebration. La Bădiş restaurant is the right place for birthdays parties, in perfect alignment with your wishes, as well as the occasion to celebrate an unforgettable banquet, with lots of fun and happy smiles. Our staff will accomplish all your wishes.

Team Buildings

Getting out of the comfort zone implies better communication at a higher level and is crucial to improve organizational performance. To get the best results, you need an outdoor space, tables, chairs, different materials, tasty food, and the right atmosphere. A great team building activity can be organized together with La Bădiş restaurant. Here you get the perfect space to have a unique experience with all the members of your team.