So you are engaged, congratulations! We are delighted to know that you started the adventure of planning your wedding. The wedding is a unique event and needs a particular approach and a fairy-tale aura. If you want to surprise your guests pleasantly, think about the smallest details when choosing a fantastic wedding restaurant. The delicate white dress, the perfect costume, the pleasant traditional music, the delectable cuisine, all in the ideal place, where you will feel the comfort, spirit, and euphoria of the event. These are the thoughts we bear in mind when planning such events. We always try to surprise people and exceed their expectations.

La Bădiş fulfills all the requirements of a couple looking for happiness, by providing space for fun, a select menu, and exquisite decor.

Why should you organize your wedding at La Bădiș?


Indulge in nature's bosom


A culinary delight

Wedding hall

Adapted to the number of guests


A partner with organizational experience


Worth your investment

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