About us

La Bădiş restaurant has a long and thrilling history for over 20 years. It all started only with the traditional Moldavian pies. Baked with love, only from natural ingredients and using authentic recipes, they kept attracting visitors and motivated us to grow. Thus, step by step, we turned into a restaurant where guests could stay more, enjoying a varied menu. The traditional Moldavian specific goes as a common thread through the history of La Bădiș development, from delicious dishes with well-preserved aromas, to the decor of the rooms, wonderful music, and the green surroundings of the restaurant.

We are glad that nobody and nothing stopped us, and we, with little and safe steps, developed the original project, growing it over time. We believe in our traditions, and we want foreigners visiting us to discover the specifics of Moldavian dishes and our hospitality. We are a nation with a distinct cultural treasure, and La Bădiş restaurant highlights the tasty customs and the charm of our national motifs. The decor of the rooms creates the rustic atmosphere of the old houses, and the nature near the restaurant offers the calmness and tranquility of unique picturesque landscape, which can be found only in Moldova.

We are proud of our people as represent the soul of La Bădiş restaurant.
Dedication, passion, and attention are the qualities we seek in every member: be it the administration staff, chefs, or waiters. Model service and cheerfulness create a warm and hospitable aura that will please you.

After 20 years of continuous development, we have a perfect restaurant for both family meals and a series of events: weddings, birthday celebrations, business meetings, team building activities, or conferences.

Your visit to us will no longer be a simple dinner at a restaurant, but a great opportunity to retreat in heaven like area and escape from the town's noise, as well as an exciting excursion to our nation's history.

La Bădiş restaurant is waiting for you to spend your time in harmony with nature, traditions, in authentic decor all accompanied by traditional Moldavian dishes.