Christening Parties

It is your child's first big event, and you want all the best for them, don't you?

Organizing a memorable event is challenging, especially when your baby needs your full attention. La Bădiş restaurant is the perfect ally for making a perfect Christening Party. We deal with all the essential details. We are accustomed to working side by side with parents who arrange a feast for their newborn. We have everything you need for a grand celebration.

We make sure that your guests will enjoy the tastiest traditional dishes. We provide you with more than enough space and rustic decorations in the festive halls. They are of different sizes for individual tastes and requirements. The atmosphere, the cuisine, the proficiency of the administration, and the beauty of nature - all these details make of the restaurant a well-organized place for your special event.

We know that the smallest details matter, and you want everything to be flawless. That's why our restaurant's administration is responsive to your needs and is pretty flexible, considering all your requirements. Moreover, we will come up with recommendations and tips for a perfect party.

Why should you organize the christening party at La Bădiș?

A perfect hall

You choose the grandeur of the event

Traditional cuisine

A select menu for your guests

Recreational area

Provides added value for communication

Polite staff

For a successful party and your guest satisfaction

Perfect decoration

Unlimited decoration choice

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